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Hobbies are as abundant and varied as there are people in the world and life would be very boring without a hobby. Hobbies, from collecting to recreational activities, provide hours of enjoyment and stress relief, stimulate our minds, provide social interaction and an escape from the monotony of life.

Radio-controlled planes and cars (RC planes and cars) have been popular hobbies for decades. RC planes are basically models of an aircraft that is controlled remotely, using a hand-held transmitter and a receiver within the aircraft. In recent years, with the advent of more efficient motors, lighter and more powerful batteries and less expensive radio systems, the interest in RC planes has grown and models have become more sophisticated. Building and operating RC cars dates to the 1940s. From simple “stop and go” cars to modern racing models that are as complex as the real thing, RC cars remain a satisfying and exciting hobby for many. Model trains or model railroading is another hobby that has been around for a long time and continues to be a favorite among hobbyists. How many people have enjoyed toy trains in their childhood, only to have the interest rekindled as a passion in adulthood? Model railroading can be as simple or as complex as one desires. From a simple round track and a locomotive pulling a few cars to an elaborate layout complete with scale models of trains, buildings, mountains, canyons, bridges and streams. The possibilities are endless and you are limited only by your imagination. The world of scale models, or miniatures, also includes building dollhouses - another popular hobby that has been around for a long time. Collecting miniatures is a hobby that actually dates back for centuries and has always fascinated adults, as well as children.

In recent years, scrapbooking has emerged as one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. It has evolved from simply pasting photographs and newspaper clippings into an album to an artistic and detailed display of photos and memorabilia. Scrapbooking shops have popped up all over America and the scrapbooking industry doubled in size between 2001 and 2004. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry. Another advantage to scrapbooking as a hobby is that is can be done alone in your own home, or it can provide a social outlet. Hobbyists, known as "scrappers" or "scrapbookers," get together and scrapbook at each other's homes, at local scrapbook stores, scrapbooking conventions and other events. Many find it very satisfying to create something that can be handed down for generations, and with the advent of new digital equipment now available, there is no end in sight for scrapbooking as a hobby.


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